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OUR Story

About us

Women4Knowledge is an initiative that works for the empowerment of women.
Our strategy is to connect gifted women and create a platform that helps them express their skills, gifts and knowledge. We believe that women are very important change catalysts in the world.
W4K was created in 2009 by a group of female African students of the University of Frankfurt to share knowledge and information about their presence and integration in Germany. Most of them were at the end of there studies and already receiving jobs opportunities. So they put this group together, with the following aims:

To share knowledge in the members’ fields of study
To exchange job opportunities
To create and entertain an active book club
To share works
To discuss social issues (racism, gender inequality, etc…)

OUR work

How we do it


Podium discussions


International Cooking events

Today most of the members of the group have evolved through impressive professional paths in Political Science, Human Ressources, Technical Engineering, Business Computing, Marketing, Design, Arts & Entertainment.


Mission statement

To leverage the power of sisterhood

To create networking opportunities

To encourage women to pursue their dreams

To Inspire

To Educate the mass

To raise awareness among men on women-related causes