By showcasing achievements, empowering self-belief, and challenging stereotypes, we create a world where women thrive and contribute their unique perspectives, leading to progress and a brighter future for all.



Empowering women fosters gender equality, leading to a fairer and more inclusive society. Economically, it fuels productivity and innovation, as women’s talents are utilized to their fullest. Empowered women become role models.


PW2018 Fashion show

When women connect, a powerful wave of empathy, support, and collaboration surges forth.  They uplift, inspire, and ignite change. Voices unite, dreams flourish, and a network of resilience and empowerment emerges.

Phenomenal Women 2023 tackles the 'Art of Propelling'

Last year, we soaked into the Power of Resilience. Perseverance prepares us for Growth, Expansion and Evolution. This is why, at the Phenomenal Women 2023 Empowerment Stage, we will tackle the ‘Art of Propelling’ on September 16th!
Women4Knowledge wins Non-Profit Organisation Award

Women4Knowledge wins a Non-Profit Organisation Award as 'Most Empowering Women's Support & Development Initiative 2023

We are excited to announce that Women4Knowledge is the proud recipient of a Non-Profit Organisation award as ‘Most Empowering Women’s Support and Development Initiative 2023’. We thank all our families, friends, sponsors, partners and supporters for helping us empower Afro-Diasporan communities since 2017.
Come and join us in celebration on September 16th at the Phenomenal Women 2023 Empowerment Stage.